What is a "status ID" in a Mastodon connection?

I am trying to retrieve Mastodon posts and publish them to Webflow CMS, but the Mastodon part of the connection is not functioning properly. I was able to accomplish the reverse and publish from Webflow CMS to Mastodon.

I have no idea what I’m supposed to enter into the Status ID box. I read through the documentation for Mastodon, and this seems to be a field that they expect everyone to understand without explanation.

In make modules, sometimes we have to put id by searching in URLs or from other different modules like “List…” “Get…” When you are trying to create a Mastodon post, there must be status ID in the module setting or code output. Try to grab it from there.

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I inspected my Mastodon profile and couldn’t find anything in the code labeled “status id.” There is nothing in my profile settings with this label, either.