What is the easiest way to set up a database for a new app?


I’m new to the low-code scene and just evaluating Make.com. It’s my first impression that Make excels at integrating existing apps and services.

However I’d like to develop a business process management app from scratch. I’m stuck at data storage. In a conventional project I would set up a database on a local database server. How do I do it in a Make application? Where does my data go?

You can use a data store. It’s not a relational data base. You can also deploy a database in the cloud and access them using an app.

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Thank you for the link.


A great way is to utilize an Operational Database like Airtable in order to manage your database needs. Airtable integrates well with Make and can help you store data much better than a variable could. In addition you can create even more robust data lookups to connect and communicate between different sources.

Take a look at what you can do with Airtable Build a No-Code Automated Infrastructure with Airtable - YouTube

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