What is the best option to use as database or similar?

I am wanting to store temporal data that will be used in different scenarios. Where is the best place to store it?
I was thinking to use Google Spreadsheets. What do you think?

Make has a solution for that, Data Stores

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Data Stores are great to hold persistent data key-value between scenarios, where the data is both generated and consumed by scenarios. As it’s held within your same Make Organization you have the benefit of keeping everything in one place and relatively fast access compared to an external service. You can read about the Data Store allowance on your plan at https://www.make.com/en/pricing (click “What is Usage Allowance” in the FAQ section).

If you need any kind of UI for your data, then you’d do best to either build a separate scenario for that using a form builder, or instead to use a web database service which includes a UI. Airtable is very popular for this, though there are of course others. Knack is especially good if you need fine-grained user access permissions.

If you’re on a Make Free or Core plan and so don’t have Custom Variables, it can be handy to hold configuration data in a Google Sheet or Excel.

If you need any kind of relational database, complex queries or large datasets, then you’d be best using a standalone database like MySQL (again, many others available!).