When someone makes a purchase on PayPal add them to my audience in Mailchimp

Hi. I set up a scenario as follows. When someone makes a purchase on PayPal they are added to my audience in Mailchimp. I used the PayPal “Watch custom app payments” trigger and the Mailchimp “Add/update a subscriber” action. However I’ve tested it a couple of times and it isn’t working – the subscriber is not added although “Run once” says that the scenario was completed. I wonder if anyone can help as I must have set something up wrong. Thanks

Hi @Marcusmax,

With these “Watch” triggers, you might need to right click it and select where to start.
Every time you Run Once, it tried to get anything up until the last item it retrieved, up to the max items to return, or it might return nothing at all.


Hi Donald

Many thanks for your reply. I have set it to start From now on. I had max number of results set to 1 but I’ve just changed that to 5. Do you think I’ve chosen the right modules to do what I need?


Logically, it sounds like that configuration is basically all you need to get the job done.

This is on a schedule, every 15 minutes.
With a max results of 5, that means if 5 people subscribe in the 15 minutes that have elapsed since the last time the scenario ran, all 5 will be processed.
If 10 people subscribe in the last 15 minutes then still only 5 will be processed.
The other 5 will be processed in the following run, 15 minutes later.

You need to balance the scheduling and max results returned according to your goals - how quickly you need a subscriber added to the list vs how many you might expect in a day.

If you only expect a couple payments a day, and the subscribers just need to be added by the end of the day, then it might be best to schedule this process once a day and set a high max in the PayPal module.
If you set the max to 100, and you get 5 payments, then this will use 6 ops for the day.

If you leave it scheduled for every 15 minutes and still get 5 payments for the day, then it will use a little over 100 Ops - 1 operation is used every 15 minutes to check for new payments, then an additional op for each subscriber added.
The trade-off for using more Ops is that the subscribers get added no more than 15 minutes after payment vs getting added at the end of the day.

Hope that makes sense and hope it helps!


Hi @Marcusmax

Please test the watch module by choosing the scenario run to “from now on” and create some test data in paypal then run the watch module.

Apart from this issue, your scenario needs some filters for new payments only and search modules for subscribers in mailchimp so that it should not create duplicate subscribers.

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Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. Yes, that all makes sense. I have been experimenting doing what I need within Mailchimp itself and may have found a solution there. However, I will also try what you suggest with the Make scenario and see which works best.

Thanks again for your help with this. :smiley:


Many thanks for that information and for the offer of further assistance. I will implement what you suggested will reach out again if I need to.

Best regards