Mailchimp watch subscribers not working


I have set up a scenario, where it starts with Mailchimp - watch subscribers, then sends an http request to 3rd party service and the result of that request is then back used in Mailchimp - edit subscriber.

The reasoning behind all of this is to get a different form of the users name.

At first, the scenario was working correctly, when a new user subscribed to the list in the 15 minute time frame the scenario started and did what it was supposed to.

But now, the scenario is no longer working. New subscribed users in the list do not trigger the scenario. Weird thing is, that I can see the new people in the “watch subscribers” module when I switch to “choose manualy”, but the do not have a time next to their address like the other do.

Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you.

Hi. You can try replace the Watch per Search Subscriber module and add a filter to only get the subscribers added in the last X minutes.

Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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