Who can I delete contacts with false emails from hubspot

My problem is that a lot of my leads have false data, specifically false emails. I’m trying to create a solution for that.

I already thought of one idea: creating a template in Make to get the contact from HubSpot. After that, I use Debounce to validate the email. If the contact has a false email, I delete the contact, and if it is valid, it continues normally. I already created this template, but I’m not sure if it will work.

So, two things: does anyone know if this template will work or have a good idea that works?

Thanks for your time!

Hi @Daniel_Andrade,

To be frank, the only one to know if this will work… is you. Did you do a test-run? :smiley:

The logic of the scenario seems straightforward and clear. Be mindful that the scenario will run each module in succession, and that you must define that a contact only needs to be deleted if an email is bounced.

You can use a filter between modules [1] and [2] to only pass results to module [2] if the result of the email validation is invalid. Because now it seems like that all bundles all passed, no matter the result of module [1].

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