Wix List Contacts Throws Error: [400] paging is invalid: `-- limit got 1000, expected 100 or less

:footprints: Cloned a module that got contacts from another app and replaced the original trigger module with Wix List Contacts. That module is throwing the error mentioned in the title, which I’ve never seen before. This module used to work in another scenario I was building. Now it doesn’t work in that one either; same error. I verified and reauthorized the Wix connection, deleted and re-made the module, but to no avail.
:camera_flash: Relevant screenshots

This is how I’ve set up the module:

I have under 200 Wix contacts, so not sure how it’s getting to 1000:

Any ideas?

Hello @Robert_McKay ,

You can try on “Limit” field to set the maximum number of results to 100. The module is set to return only 100 records per page, from what I can see.
Or you can use Search Module because it is easier to search, filter and avoid duplicates.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

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Tried that. No love.

What do you mean by “per page?” I wasn’t aware results had pagination.
And what do you mean by “search module?” There are many search modules but none for Wix that search contacts (which are treated as separate from other CMS collections):

That might be a bug @Robert_McKay , I recommend you create a support ticket with the Make team. They can look in the app and see if they set the limit wrong.

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I did, turns out it was an internal error in Wix which resolved itself in time. That’s what 500 errors always are.

Hello there @Robert_McKay :wave:

Thanks a lot for stepping back into the community and letting us know what was causing the error. Much appreciated :100:

(Btw I’m gonna go ahead and mark your reply as a solution :white_check_mark: )

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