Woocommerce product variation rest_no_route error

Hi so I’m trying to connect my woocommerce (wordpress) website back to Coda, and have Coda update the products on my woo.

So i’ve setup everything and have everything works, except for the ‘Update a Product Variation’ module.
When executed, it throws back an error:
No route was found matching the URL and request method.

So I’m so confused what exactly is the problem as there’s no documentation to troubleshoot.
All I can guess is that there’s an issue with the Product ID field when mapped into Coda’s column that contains item’s Parent ID.

Now when exporting from woo products into a csv and xlsx initially, the parent column shows 2 kinds of values. Either:

  • product id of the parent item (formatted as: “id:1234” for example).
  • SKU of the parent item (formatted as whatever the value of the SKU was, which is string/text), if the SKU was filled.

So what I did in ‘Update a Product Variation’ module, was to map:

  • ‘Product ID’ into Coda’s column that contains parent id (or SKU) of the item.
  • ‘Variation ID’ into Coda’s column that contains Product ID of the item.

But then it won’t execute and throw up error of that rest_no_route above.

I mean if woocommerce sent out parent id of the item in those formats, why is it that woocommerce module in Make asking for Product ID that ends up not working?

Any help will be very much appreciated. I’m no programmer and very new to this automation and API thing. So I don’t really know what’s going on, why the error and how to troubleshoot it.