WooCommerce --> Telegram Message

Hi, so I want to make an automatic notification to my telegram for every new order status update that happens. Right now I have used both modules and entered the necessary data , but , when order status gets updated, nothing happens. why is that?


Hi @Veins_Seleckis

I’m not familiar with WooCommerce, but have you checked the following:

  • make scenario is active
  • the webhook in WooCommerce applies to the same project/subproject/area you’re modifying the order status in?
  • is there a way in WooCommerce to verify if the webhook is active or has already sent out some data?

well, it randomly started to work . but I’m having an issue that I get a lot of 403 forbidden errors from woocommerce side, I guess it’s due to authentication problems or something like that? Basically when I press run once , I get this error sometimes, but sometimes I don’t. i don’t know whats the problem.