Duplicated messages from order status update

I have Order Status Update integration from woocommerce combined with telegram/ slack. Whenever order status from woocommerce gets modified to ‘‘processing’’ I get a message in both apps. But the problem is that I get the message twice every time. First time is when order status gets updated from woocommerce side which is exactly what I want, but the other message arrives when order status gets updated from inventory (S4U order status) which I want to be ignored , so i dont get 2 same messages after every order status update. may anyone guide me how could I set up scenario in a way that I get message only once and the other message gets ignored for every order.

hello friend 1
I am also facing this same problem.

did you manage to solve?


Ideally you tweak settings in Woocommerce to receive less notifications.
If not possible, you might want to use a datastore in Make to store data indicating that you received a notification. The key of the record could be a combination of the order id (or equivalent) and the order status. Every time the scenario runs, you can check if there’s already a record in the datastore; if so: abort; if not: continue and create a record.

Of course there could be edge cases (order status going back and forth) but this setup could be a good way to start imo.