Order Status Update

I have Order Status Update integration with telegram/ slack. Whenever order status from woocommerce gets changed to ‘‘processing’’ I get a message in both apps. But the problem is that I get the message twice every time. First time is when order status gets updated from woocommerce side which is exactly what I want, but the other message arrives when order status gets updated from inventory (S4U order status) which I want to be ignored , so i dont get 2 same messages after every order status update. may anyone guide me how could I ignore the s4u order status updates? cause I cant see the s4u order status update in any of mappings

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Hi there.

Have you tried to check the output of the WooCommerce webhook for both cases? Are the outputs exactly the same?

If there are some differences, you can then set a filter to stop the flow after the webhook for the second trigger.

If the outputs are exactly the same, you can then add the following logic:

  1. Add a datastore/Google Sheets module at the end of the scenario and map some unique identifier into this database. (some ID, email, etc…)

  2. Add a search module (datastore or GS) after the webhook module and use its built-in filter to find out whether this record is already present in the database. You need to set up a filter after this search module to stop the flow in case the search module finds a match.

Hope this makes sense and helps.