Workflow issue where google sheets field is updated after 2nd run

Hi community,

We are building a whatsapp flow with 3 steps:

  • Asking for consent
  • Asking for a website link
  • Asking for an email addres

Now at every step a status field in google sheets is updated to WAITINGFOREMAIL E.g .
The issue is that after it asked for a linkedin link, it doesn’t update the status field with WAITINGFOREMAIL, this means that it runs flow 2 again asking the same website question and than update the status excel row. We tried it with a timer as we thought it had to do with it being too fast. We also splitted the row update in two workflow steps but we keep getting the same problem.

So summary is: We get 2 times the same question, if we answer the second time it does fill the email field, after that it triggers the 3th workflow step and asks question 3.

Any idea what could go wrong?

Hi @rvdlek ,

Can you please show me a screenshot of what your Search Rows module looks like, what’s the filters inside it? Also can you please send me the screenshots of your two "Update a row modules?

Typically, if you need to update a specific row, first, the search rows module should find it then 2nd, map the Row Number in the update a row module(s), then map/specify the row where you can find that “Status” ( Row I? ).

Once it finds that specific row, the specific filter will then be able to catch it then updating the correct row number’s “Status”.