Working with Collections

As soon I changed Ticket Symbol in Module # 18, Module # 12 stopped working

The Data is not getting Changed in Module # 12 !!!

Please look on the Scenario

Hi @Sam_Krausz ,

It looks like the change you made in module 18 is not directly related to the data not working in module 12. Most likely (what I expect) the data in module 3 changed because something changed in 18:

  • In the mapping of module 12 I see you are trying to get {{3.body.ESS.askSize}}
  • However, in module 3 (where you get the data from) I do not see this collection. Only {{3.body.EBAY.askSize}}

I would recommend you re-check your mappings and expected data.

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Here is the solution to my issue - Thanks Anyway


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