Working with tags in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Hi all,

a customer make cold calls for his own customers. He locks in into their LinkedIn Sales Navigator and start chatting with potential clients. Ever new potenial client will be marked with a tag. Is there a way to automatically count all tags and export the information to a google sheet.

I cant find a way to access this information on linkedin.

If you have an tipp or idea, i would really happy.


I think can be done using LinkedIn Sales Navigator APIs

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Thank you Manish,
do you have an idea how to do that? I could not find any documantion how to track or even access information about tags.


Here is the Sales Navigator API documentation, but I am not very sure whether it has the facility to extract the info that you are looking for.

I would recommend you to reach out to the Linkedin Technical Support team to get more clarity.

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It seems, thats it´s not possible