Zendesk Create Ticket works, but doesn't actually use the given Author/Requester/Submitter IDs

I have a scenario that watches a Google Form for submissions and then creates a Zendesk ticket based off of it. Nothing reinventing the wheel - it does a Zendesk user search for the submitter’s ID, and if it doesn’t exist, it creates the user and then uses the newly-generated ID as the author/requester/submitter. However, despite the input on the action looking good, the output ends up with the author/requester/submitter ID being that of the OAUTH client, so every ticket comes in from the same user regardless of who actually submits it.

Has anyone encountered this and have an idea on how to address?

Hey @ben.kunkel

I have checked Zendesk’s docs and it does appear creating a ticket with a new requester has a separate endpoint: Creating and updating tickets | Zendesk Developer Docs

You may need to reach out to Make Support to look further into this.