Create a Zendesk ticket and send it to recipient

i get an update in a notion database and want to send an email to a customer via zendesk based on the data. so i want to create a ticket in zendesk and send it to the recipient whose data i also get notion.

i have tried this with “create a ticket”, but i have no way to enter the recipient email address there. the ticket is created, but it is not sent. what am i missing?

Go the Solution. If anyone has the same issue:
You need to create or search the user first, based on the input email adress. then you can create a new ticket

Heya @timon :wave:

I just wanna quickly jump in to say congrats on solving this one on your own :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for keeping the community in mind and for circling back to share what did the trick for you. This is super valuable and could help many users who are looking for the same information in the future :pray:

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