Zendesk's 'watch' module only finds a record once


Using the Zendesk ‘watch tickets’ module, the filters correspond to a ticket. This is found on the first run of the module, but when the automation is triggered again, the response remains empty, as if the record no longer existed.

Have you ever encountered this problem? Do you have any ideas for resolving it?

This particular module is ACID or Polling Trigger, that will try to fetch tickets created/updated every X minutes specified in your Scenario Execution Settings.

So, What this essentially does is it will try to fetch ticket created after the last execution and if there is no result it will result in empty records.

If you want to have an instant trigger, what you can do is setup webhooks in Zendesk and use Webhook module instead of Watch Tickets module in Make.


Thank you very much for your reply!

So no matter what module you use, when you use a ‘Watch’ function you still need to set a ‘schedule time’. Is it impossible to trigger actions in response to the creation or update of a record?