Hubspot's 'Watch Tickets' module not working properly

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well.

Have there been any known issues with Hubspot’s ‘Watch Tickets’ module?

I’ve just tried to set it up for the workflow I created. I chose the ‘Since specific ID’ option and entered the most recent ticket ID as I don’t want existing tickets to be affected. For test purposes, I set the scenario to run every 5 minutes with the maximum number of cycles set to 5 (the limit in ‘Watch Tickets’ was set to 1).The first run was successful. I then created a ticket, waited for 5 minutes and the second run went well too. However, after that, Make didn’t see the tickets I created between the runs and the first module ‘Watch Tickets’ returned no results.

Did I do anything wrong or is there an issue with the module itself?

BTW, these two last runs are only displayed when I toggle the ‘show check runs’ button on. Not sure what that indicates.


No one answered this? I have a similar issue.

No, it looks like a bug.
Use ‘Watch CRM objects’ instead.

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Do we know if this is still a bug after the Hubspot module updates?