Zoom automation to get registratants and attendance

Hi all, hoping someone can help me with this as I am getting myself in a pickle. For context, the goals for this are:

  • When someone registers for a specific meeting on zoom, add/update the contact in mailerlite and add to a group
  • When that meeting happens, update the contact in mailerlite with whether they attended or not, and ideally how long they attended for, but even just attended or didn’t attend would be OK.

I need to be able to put registrants into different automations after the meeting depending on whether they attended. I’d love to also have how much they attended but if that’s not possible it’s OK.

Is this one scenario or two? I think I may have figured out the second, but I am not sure. I am really struggling to set the zoom part of it up properly, not connecting my account, that’s done, but selecting the right options and data is where I am stuck.

Appreciate any and all help,


You can create a zoom trigger to watch “user joined” events and update the corresponding meeting database with the user joined status.