1SaaS Breaking Limits - One SaaS instead of hundreds

Who doesn’t have these challenges?

  • PDF Pdf co alternative Merge, Split, HTML to PDF, or Compress a PDF before sending it per Mail :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co Compress PDF
  • Run JS or Python Code in Make.com with NPM or pip3 library? :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co JavaScript or Python
  • Airtable does not Take Buffer only URL?!?! :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co Upload File to Temp URL
  • Detect the entities by AI what someone in an Email is talking about automatically? :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co Entity Detection
  • You want to switch many key:value pairs of a JSON :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co AdvancedSwitch
  • You want to calculate the distance between two places :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co Calculate Geodistance
  • Convert an image to lower its size or file format :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co Convert Image
  • Cardio - Is it Spanish? Well you can find out the language with :arrow_right: 1SaaS.co Language Detection
  • URL Shortner, Overlay Images, Transscribe, Validate VAT Code, IBAN or BIC… and 100s of APIs more can be found under 1SaaS.co


You can find the full list of APP modules here.

With 1SaaS you need only one SaaS instead of hundreds.

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