[403] Could not obtain a WAC access token - new

I am getting this error on a Make scenario trying to retrieve data from an Excel file (saved in OneDrive). When I was researching how to fix this, I came across this post from 2-3 weeks ago, saying there was an issue with Microsoft. It looked like it was resolved then, but I’m wondering if it has resurfaced?


I am also having this problem @moceds. I am new to working with Microsoft 365/ Excel/ Sharepoint in Make though so wasn’t sure if I need to adjust my licence, settings or file format?

I contacted support, and they said this happens from time to time. It means the Microsoft API is down or having an issue, so remove and re-add solved it for me.

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Hello @Lindsay welcome to the community :wave:

A big thank you for keeping us in the loop and sharing the response from the support team. We truly appreciate that :pray: