[403] Could not obtain a WAC access token

My scénario doesn’t work. I get this error with Excel : * [403] Could not obtain a WAC access token.


Same here. Cannot access my Excel files through Make at all :worried:

Hello @ab78 @Can_Sahin welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks a lot for raising this issue here. Our devs have been notified and are currently investigating this. I will keep an eye on this and will make sure to update you here as soon as I learn something new.

I am truly sorry for the headaches this is causing you. Thank you so much for bearing with us :pray:


Hi @Michaela I’m also seeing this issue still. Is there an ETA on a fix?

Hello @rebecca1 welcome to the community :wave:

As mentioned above, I will update the community as soon as I learn anything more specific about this issue. At this moment there’s, unfortunately, no ETA I can share.

Thanks a lot for your patience and for your understanding :pray:

Same here, I can get it to work sometimes but from time to time it happens again

Thanks a lot for forwarding this!! Having the same issue now

To give you another perspective: It’s not an issue with make.com, but a problem caused by Microsoft. why? Because Zapier users get the same error message since 2 days ago.
Some users even get the error message that they don’t have a SPO (SharePoint Online) license. So my assumption is that Microsoft changed something with the license or access for private Office 365 accounts, because if you use a professional Microsoft 365 account it still works.

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Now my scenario works again. No error message whatsoever. Let’s see if it will work consistently.

Heya @here happy Friday :wave:

Just wanted to let you folks know that all should be up & running again :white_check_mark:

Just like mentioned by @MDN, this was not an issue on our end but rather an issue from Microsoft.

Anyway, thanks a lot for hanging in there :pray:

Thanks every one, all my scenarios works again.