Could not obtain a WAC access token - Error [403]


I get the error 403 Could not obtain a WAC access token with Microsoft 365 Excel node when tryng to read a worksheet. Does someone know how to solve this?

I looks like Microsoft has solved a problem similar to this one last year. But it happens to me again…

Thanks in advance!

Jose Ribeiro


Few suggestions below you can try,

  1. Please reauthorize MS 365 connection.

  2. Create a new excel file.

  3. The 403 error usually means that you don’t have permission to access that Worksheet. Can you please double-check if you have all the necessary permissions to access this Worksheet? For example, the admin of that file could change the permissions.

Hope this points you in the right direction, thanks.


Hi all,

I also get the same error “[403] Could not obtain a WAC access token.” as show in the image below. This file was created by the same outlook account with which I connected to the Excel API through Make.

I tried the above mentioned steps and it still does not work.

Do you have any other feedback for a resolution?

Thanks in advance!