📢 9/29 and we are back!

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:x: EU1: Is down, or erroring now @Michaela (ill share my error code direct with you)

:+1: integromat is still up.
:+1: US1 is up been responding very slowly for me. (compared to usual)

Status Page is out of date.

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We would like to inform you that the Make website is currently unavailable due to a DDoS attack

Here’s the info we’ve got:

  • Our scheduled scenarios are not affected, and your data is secure.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot log in and manage your scenarios at this time.
  • You can reach our support through this link: Contact support |.
  • At this point, there is unfortunately no ETA for this to be resolved.

I’ll make sure to keep the community updated on everything that’s new. So sorry for the trouble caused.

What happens in a case where operations are nearly exhausted and because you cannot login, you cannot purchase extra operations?

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I think they should add a module here in the style of Get an Auto-Operation and it should get it automatically when it’s finished, wouldn’t it make sense? Some CRM Systems I Use Have This In Phone Packages.