Adobe PDF Services API

Quite simply, id like to specificaly use my Adobe account to convert a PDF into an Excel using their PDF Service API.

Im having two problems:

  1. I’m first having a problem just logging in using their log in. My aacount has access to the API services and is an Admin account. The latest error was acces denied which is new since i changed the acount to Admin. Do i require an enterprise account? Ive even started a project and used the advanced Cliend ID + Secret to log in, however it jsut gived me an authenticaring window pop up which doesnt seemt to authenticate anthing. So finding a way to authenticate sems to be my first problem.

  2. My second issue is actually developing the API. I’m no developer so maybe i am looking at it wrong, however the documentation required cURL and some libraries which im not sure how to set up on Make. If someone who is knowledgebele at API dev and adobe could reachout that woudl be great. I’ve Built projects in the adobe console but it just cant seem to connect the two together. the only part on the Make Help webpage is to use the CC libraries which according to Adobe’s Dev console will be discontonued.

Project Serenity was my first attempt only using the just the PDF Services, Which gave me an API key, Secret and an access token. Ive tried both access and secret token when using the advance log in for the Adobe Module.

For the Project 2, I added the Creative Cloud Libraries whcih is a Web App rather than Server-to-Server connection like the PDF services API.

This is where I get lost, not only can i not figure out how to log into the Adobe module, but I can’t figure out how to just make a abitrary API request to Adobe. Any help or advice would be appreciated (Even just a GPT prompt or bot i could use).