Airtable expire URL images / expiring attachments

Airtable recently introduced expiring image URLs. This means that the image URL integromat gets from airtable is not working as the image link has expired by the time my scenario runs.

Is there a way to keep the images from airtble being processed with this new airtable update?

Link to Airtable documentation on this: Changes to Airtable Attachments | Airtable Support

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The workaround I know is using 1SaaS Temp File or storing the image in 1SaaS.

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Thanks 1Saas looks great but I’d prefer to keep it inside integromat if possible

You could save the file as Binary in Datastore, but this is not the best practice.

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@SebastianMertens why is using the native data store not a best practice?


Depending on plan size you may exceed limits of the datastore pretty fast, as well as saving Binary in Databases is generally not recommended. (We are not talking blob here)

Other dimensions; The biggest dissadvantage if you are storing BLOBS is memory consumption. Can you imagine what select * from x would do for thousands of records with a 45k image in each?

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But this is temporary file storage. I think you could well estimate the size of the data store you’d need based on usage of the temporary files. I find data stores are perfect for temporary storage because they operate much faster than external calls.

Also sending large out to api calls sometimes fails due to timing issues depending on size of the payload or limits in the api.

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That is true! Thanks for outlining.

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