Airtable > ILovePDF integration to compress pdf

I’m working with an Airtable base of 2000 records, at least 1000 of which have attachments ranging from 1mb to 100mb. This is, obviously, taking up way too much space. Going forward, we will compress the attachments before uploading, but individually compressing isn’t feasible with this many attachments.

I’m struggling to figure out what scenario, trigger and action to use and how to set that up to use Make as a connection between Airtable and ILovePDF in order to compress the documents.

Any help super appreciated!

Use webhook to extract the data from Airtable and than using Ilovepdf module in Make compress the file, after compressing the file you can either store that compressed file in same file and same row of airtable or create a new airtable base for this.

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Hi create one more coloum in your airtable with a dropdown having a value of Done

In make start with the Search module of Airtable and take the record which doesn’t have the Done value , it will give you the records, then apply the ILOVEPDF part and then update the coloum of that record to done so that in next run it will not pull that record again ,
its done :slight_smile:

set the limit and schedule the scenario according to your need ,

Happy Automation !!!

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Can you walk me through what that would look like inside make? I’m stuck!

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Yes , love to help

lets do a call , thanks

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