Cannot attach PDF attachment with airtable

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to Make, and this is my first scenario for sending quote or invoice via email and pulling all the data from airtable.

Everything works fine but there’s only one problem and I’d need some help on.
I’d like to keep a pdf record inside my airtable data base after sending out the email.
The pdf for the quote works fine and attach inside the record but pdf for the invoice keep disappearing and I cannot find a way to fix it.

Can anyone help and see if I did anything wrong?

Here’s is the Make set up.

Here’s is the Airtable set up.

Hello @Stark_Cheung,

Are you putting both the quote and invoice in the same field in Airtable?
If so, when updating the invoice, then you may be overwriting the entire contents of the field with the quote which removes everything else.

You first need to retrieve the contents of the attachments field, add your file to that list, then supply that new list when Updating/Upserting the record.



Please verify that the historical data is being downloaded and uploaded back to the Airtable.

If the issue is unrelated to this, could you provide more details about the contents and mapped data within each module? A Loom explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Donald_Mitchell & @Msquare_Automation ,

Thank you so much for helping me out!!

And think I should have explained a bit clear on how it works overall.

So here is the airtable set up.

Once the ‘‘Payment status’’ is ‘‘Quote’’ that match with “Quote Draft” inside the “Quote & Invoice Draft” columns, it will send the webhook to the make scenario, fill out the doc and send out the email attached with the pdf. Finally it also update an backup from Google Docs template inside the airtable.

For generating a quote and backup in airtable work fine.
However, I am using the same method for sending out the invoice and cannot get the invoice pdf update on my airtable.

Hope it explained a bit more and help you guys understand the situation and see if there’s a way to fix it. Much appreciated!!! :smiley:

Oh I see. The problem is that the link to your new invoice PDF is not public so Airtable can’t download it in order to upload it to the field.
You’ll need to host that PDF temporarily on a public link long enough for Airtable to download it.
Also, the file upload process is ASYNC so Make won’t know in that moment if it’s actually done.


I have changed it to the the public inside the google drive and still cant make it work.
Is there anything I need to check inside the setting?

And what is ASYNC? can you suggest another way to upload the file without the ASYNC??

Async in this instance just means you’re putting in a request to upload a file, but it won’t happen immediately, therefore you won’t get much feedback on that portion of the operation.
You’ll need to go back after a few moments and check the field in that record to see if it has been updated with an attachment.

If you’ve made the PDF public then you should be able to use the Web Content Link for the URL in Airtable’s attachment field. A good way to test this is to open the Web Content Link in an igcognito mode browser window to ensure you can download the file without logging in to Google.


Thank you so much, @Donald_Mitchell ! You are such a legend!!
It works now because I set the document folder as Restricted before.
It’s all good now, appreciate your feedback!!! :clap: