All my scenarios and my organization are gone

Hello everyone!

Something really strange happened yesterday…
I’ve logged in and I can’t see my organization or scenarios anymore.
Everyone of my company that were allowed to see the organization and scenarios can’t find it either
I’ve opened a support ticket, but without any reply yet.
Any of you had something like this recently?
I didn’t have any backup of my scenarios and don’t know what to do now to recover it.
This is how my screen looks now

If someone could help me or need any other information, let me know
Thank you!

Hello @Gustavo1 , thanks a lot for stepping into the community and for sharing your situation with us!

We’ve looked into it, and we found out that the organization you’re trying to find was actually deleted by one of your colleagues. I’m sending you a direct message with their name so you can reach out to them and sort things out.

Good luck with this!