Any automation that can send follow-up emails for Calendly invites after the event?

Hi Everyone,
I am trying to setup an automation where once the Event ends in Calendly (call is completed), the prospect gets automated emails from Brevo. The current Watch Event only looks at Event Created and Cancelled nothing for completion.


Hi @SocialScion,

There is no ‘call completed’ property in Calendly. What you could do is List Events periodically and use a filter for date/time that you are polling.

For example, if you list all events of the day before, you can send every guest an email.



Following up on this workflow, here’s a possible scenario that I am looking at where based on the event created in Calendly, auto-emails are sent via Brevo within an hour, 2 days before the event, and the day of the event. The scenario is not working in the intended scenario - Google sheet is not updated with all the values from the Calendly event, text variables are not configured with the appropriate values to drive the subsequent automations.

Appreciate your help in advance!

Hi Everyone,
Anyone tried implementing a scenario like the above?