API Token - is it possible to change scopes?

I don’t seem to be able to update an existing token. Every time I want to change / add scopes I need to delete the token and create it from scratch. It would be useful if I could update the token as opposed to recreating it.

Just to give a bit of a context. I’ve been experimenting with Make API. Suppose I want to list scenario logs and I don’t know which exact scopes are needed for this operation. What do I do? Well, I simply create an api token and grant it scopes I guess might work. Only to find out I need different or additional scopes - such as organisation:read. At this point, I would like to be able to amend the token and add new scopes to it. When I create a new token from scratch I also need to recreate the connection in my scenario, which is slightly annoying. Is there a better way?


Scopes are a fundamental component of access tokens in general. The Make tokens are no different. As you are just getting started in this area, you might consider creating a token with ALL scopes. Later you can trim down to what is REALLY needed.

Thank you @JimTheMondayMan,
I understand and appreciate the concept of access tokens as means of secure access to protected resources. Thanks for your suggestion. Another solution that comes to my mind is that I could as well read API docs and check for what exact scopes are requested and take it from there.

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