Appropriate trigger "Limit" for flow rate limiting?

I use a trigger of “Watch Group’s Items” to check for new jobs.

I immediately use a filter on the next action to only work with my jobs.

Thereafter, I have a large and multifaceted workflow which makes multiple calls to external services, some of which have rate or resource limits.

For example, this includes making calls to the Apify web engine, where my compute resource is finite. It is not possible for me to run multiple Apify scripts simultaneously. So I insert Sleep actions for a sufficient time for each to complete before beginning the next.

How should any of this work when processes multiple triggered records, however?

I turned off schedule some time ago and am just manually selecting records for the workflow. And I set the Limit at 1.

Ideally, I just want to let it run on everything new. But, if I set Limit to, say, 20…

  • First, the immediate filter would weed out any jobs not designated to me; that’s fine. Let’s say 10 would get through.
  • But what about about those 10? How will I ensure that those 10 don’t end up trying to hit Apify simultaneously? Is this already built into Integromat, or is there some measure I should take?