40Min Limit on Initial Sync

I have a Scenario that is making an API call with rate limits so I have delays built in so I do not hit my rate limit. If I try and sync All I hit the 40 min time limit.

How can I setup the scenario to run in Chunks that I know complete before 40min but will pickup where the last batch ended? I have increased the items and Cycles that run but when it hits the 40min cap it does not start from where it stopped.

If this is not possible is there a way for Make to Sync updated items. Right now Make will only sync items that made it over during the initial sync or when new items are created.

I am syncing Printavo to HubSpot

hey @hillis

here’s how you can do this. I made a short video about it.

Essentially you use HTTP requests and webhooks.

40Min Limit on Initial Sync?

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Thank you. I have been trying to think how to break the process into separate scenarios. I am still not sure if I understand your video. The program I am pulling data from is called Printavo and I’m watching for updated orders and syncing the data to Hubspot.
IN your video where you have the Tool then Http request, are you saying I should make a Http request to Printavo? Then I would place a Webhook in place of the Scenario?

Printavo does not allow for webhooks unfortunately. Here is my scenerio.

Hey Hilis,

Here’s a better explanation:

Better Explanation?

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Hi @hillis,

On your initial sync reduce the number of records you want to process to something that fits in that 40 min window. You need to figure out your average processing time per record by looking at your logs.

Then when all your records have been synced to Hubspot your watch modules should only return that have been updated since the last run. The issue you can have is that if you update more records in Printavo in a day that you can sync via Make in a day but that seems unlikely.

I think you just need to make small adjustments to get past this issue.

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