Usage Limit Almost Used Up in 6 Hours?

Hi. I recently upgraded from the free version of Make to the “solopreneur” because I am a solopreneur and I needed more than 2 active scenarios.

Today, I got a warning in email saying that I am approaching my operations limit based on activity that happened in a period of only 6 hours.

I did not use any scenarios for a real client. I only ran scenarios to test them out. That was probably 30 to 200 times (and probably less than 60). I only have 17 scenarios. How is this possible? I know I set the timers to check my CRM for changes every 1 minute. Does it count as an operation as every instance that the first module of a scenario checks my CRM for an update?

Hi Jesse,

Yes, every time your watch module runs a check it uses one operation. So a scenario checking for new/updated records every minute will use 1440 operations/day for that check only.

On your scenario list you can see the number of operations used since the beginning of the billing cycle:

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Ok. Thanks. Well, this is completely unusable for a solopreneur if the default “15 minutes” is left on (unless someone pays multiple times more than the plan “for solopreneurs”). I’ll change the triggers to check every 2 to 3 hours. Would using webhooks instead of repeatedly checking via API, be a lot more usage efficient?

Yes using a webhook if possible would be much cheaper to run. If your automation does not need to be instant a watch module running every 2-3 hours is perfectly fine or even once a day. It all depends on what your automations do, so it is hard to give you advice without an overview.

Thanks for the info!