Asana Module Bug due to Workspace Custom Fields Resulting in Entity Too Large


We are facing an error Request Entity Too Large while saving a simple scenario in which there are around 50 Asana create a task modules and no other module.

This was working perfectly on Integromat and we started facing this issue since we migrated to Make and tried saving the scenario after replacing a variable on each Asana module.

Using the scenario blueprint, we observed the following. After making this change on each Asana module, the module line count increased from 1000 to 4000 because now each Asana module is saving all the Workspace Custom Fields values even if no value is selected on these fields in the module. These values were not saved on Integromat which kept the scenario size low.

In this scenario when we made changes to each Asana module, the blueprint size of the scenario changed from 5.5 MB to 25.6 MB due to which scenario is giving an error on save. We even created a new scenario and figured that this error on save starts coming if there are more than 34 Asana create a task modules.

Make support is suggesting to split the scenario instead of fixing this bug that is not something normal.

Why did Make say a smooth migration from Integromat when everyone at Make support team emphasizes on workarounds which we are already well aware of but mind it that it requires ample time if changes need to be made when there are numerous scenarios.

The purpose of Make is automation and this platform can only be improved if Make support starts taking this seriously instead of ignoring the flaws and providing a workaround which is not a permanent solution.

I would appreciate it if someone has a solution to this other than what Make had suggested.

Thank you

Here are some suggestions for reducing the size of your scenarios containing Asana modules:

  • Use variables to store frequently used values. This can help reduce the number of Asana modules used in the scenario.

  • Use filters to process a subset of tasks in the entire scenario. For example, you could use a filter to only save Asana tasks that have a certain status.

  • Actually try splitting the scenario up. It helps with maintainability too.