Attaching multiple files from bitrix24 API to gmail attachments


I am trying to attach multiple files on an email, including .jpg, .png, .pdf and other extensions. They are a total of 9 files, but sometimes there are less files, i cant put all the http get a file because it causes errors when there´s no file. Im using 9 modules of bitrix api, 9 modules of get file http, then an iterator with 18 items, file names and data, then i have a filter to those files that not have nothing, and then i have an aggregator to put those files in an array, then i have the Gmail module. Please help me… NOTE: In the full photo, the last iterator was a test, ive already eliminated it. THANK YOU FOR UR HELP. PLEASE

Please help me to complete this


Is there an API that will list all the files that you want? This way, we can use get all files, get a file and then proceed with array aggregrator. If that is not the case then we will need to employ a different method to solve the issue you are facing.