Automating email interactions with customers in Smartsuite

I have built a CRM in Smartsuite with several apps/tables. The usual (Contact, Accounts, Opportunities etc…).
I also added an Interactions table/App where I wish to capture interactions with customers (Email, Call, SMS etc…). I use outlook to communicate/email with my customers and would like to automatically capture the email interactions in Smartsuite. I have tried different approches but not sure where to start.

My apps in Smartsuite are all linked appropraitely, meaning that I have the contact information (email address) readily available across the apps.

Hello @Stephane_Toupin and welcome!

With SmartSuite specifically, there’s a “Communication Center” where you can initiate emails and further replies by anyone on that thread will go directly into the record from which you sent the email.

If you want to create a record for each email/interaction with a specific customer, I suppose you would need to create a Scenario with an Outlook trigger that watches all emails.

Once an email is received by the trigger, using the sender email address as a key, add the body of that message as a new record in your SmartSuite App.

This is just a super basic implementation but of course there’s a lot of customization that can be done here.


Hello Donald, Thank you for the quick response. Indeed, Smartsuite does have a communication center but it only resides in Smartsuite. We use MS Office and Outlook for our email communication and I want to be able to track all of the email interactions (Inbox and Sent) with our customers in Smartsuite. I will give a try to what you mentioned above. I am new to Make and need to find my bearings

@Donald_Mitchell, you are right there are much more to do.
In fact, I will need to monitor both the inbox and sent items, then match emails with records we have in our Smartsuite CRM, then determine if any duplicate (there should not be but…).
I will also want to ensure that if for some reason an email is sent within the communication center of Smartsuite, it also gets logged in the interactions app created + send the equivalent to Outlook so we have the record also in Outllok (kind of a 2-way synch).

As you can see…I am helping myself sort of define the process here. Now the real and more difficult task is the implementation :slight_smile:


For this, if you start an email within Communication Center, you will need to be sure you CC: yourself so that Make catches it as well. SmartSuite does not yet support sending these emails from your own email service, but it’s on the roadmap. For now, it comes from an email address similar to

With that said, if you initiate every thread through Communication Center and CC: yourself, then that email and all replies (replies can be regular email or thru communication center, either will work) will go in Communication center AND be captured by Make so that you can create records for them as well.

Communication center tracks these threads on a record level, so they may live within a Customer’s record, but not another record associated with that customer, unless you begin the thread in that other record. Hope that made sense. It is confusing if you’re super new to SmartSuite.