How to roll out automation in organization?


I have developed a usefull automation for myself which I would like to roll out to customers of ours.

The automation watches an e-mail adress.
So naturally, I need to set this scenario up for each relevant employee (around 40 to 100 per customer) in the organization.

How would I roll this out?
It would be a pain if I had to duplicate 100 scenarios / teach everyone how to set it up themselves, as maintenance of the scenario / roll out would become a nightmare.

Any tipps how to do this in an enterprise environment?

Thanks a lot

Welcome to the Make community!

That what Custom Apps are for, so that your clients can install it in their organization/team once you recieve payment.

For more information, see


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the reply and the information.
However, I think my use-case is slightly different and I guess I worded it wrongly.

I implemented a scenario that is very domain-specific and only relevant for my customers.
The scenario handles inbound emails, does some classification/routing and uses a fine tuned GPT Model even to draft some answers.

The customer has around 100 people doing “low-skilled” labor (taking orders). It’s not ideal if I go through each of them to “clone” the scenario, connect their accounts, etc.

Especially as any change I want to perform in this scenario will need to be deployed to all 100 employees.

Does this make sense? Do you know a solution for this?

Best regards