Automating Facbook Posts

Hello All,

I have just started using Make and absolutely loving it! I have come to a bit of halt though😪 I am trying to automate my FB (and eventually IG) post but I am having a hard time just trying to automate 1 post at a time. I am trying to intergrate Google sheets as I have a list of posts with captions, product descriptions and photos (there is about 110 post), as soon as I run a scenario it tries to post all of them at once or until I force stop it.

My question is how do I get only 1 operation at a time so that just one post in uploaded to social media once or twice a day. Sorry for the silly question I have searched everywhere for an answer and haven’t be able to work it out on my own.


Thanks so much for replies. Really appreciate it!


Hey @Summer,

The way I generally do it, is by limiting the maximum number of returned rows to 1 (blue arrow) in the Search Rows module.

That way you only get 1 row back.

I also use a status column (red arrow) in my sheet. To indicate that a post is “ready to publish”. And at the end of my scenario, after a successful post, I’ll have Make update the sheet and set the status to “posted”.

That way, I avoid reposting the same piece of content, and I only pick up what’s relevant to post next.