Avoid infinity loop with webhook watching RSS


I wanna use multiple webhooks to watch several RSS feeds. When a new feed is published, I send the URL to the main secenario via POST url. The mein scenario get triggered by a webhook. But this main scenario runs in a infinity loop.

Here is one of the RSS receiver

Here is the start of the main scenario

Do I have to empty the webhook or something else?

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Sounds like your RSS Retrieve Feed Items might be pulling the same info every time it runs.
You can remove that module and instead pass the payload from the first scenario to the main scenario.


You mean I send the output of the RSS receiver via POST to the webhook?

How? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes, exactly. Perhaps after the Watch RSS Feed Items, use a Transform to JSON module on the bit you need to send to the next scenario.
Then, be sure HTTP is a POST, and put the result of the JSON module in the body.
I might have missed some details, but that’s the basics of it.


So I deleted the RSS feeder in the main scenario, but it’s still looping.
I got 252 operation within one cycle.
What I recognized, after checking ONE run:

So I looked into the sheets and …

Well… thx… anyway :man_facepalming: :shushing_face:

Sorry you’re still having trouble.

It sounds like your Google Sheets Get Range Values, in this case, produced 25 bundles.

Now, everything following that Google Sheets module is going to run once for each of the 25 bundles.
You can prevent this by adding an aggregator after the Google Sheets, but only if that makes sense for your objectives.

I don’t believe you’re shared the purpose of the Google Sheets in this scenario so it’s difficult to advise any further.


Oh no, I fixed it since I saw the sheets generate 25 outputs.
I aggregated it into a table structure in one key.

Background: in the sheets are all my affiliate links which I hand over to GPT to use some of them.



Heya @TylonHH :wave:

Awesome work getting this up and running with the assistance of @Donald_Mitchell :clap:

Thanks a lot for circling back to the community and sharing your progress with us. Much appreciated :pray:

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