How to aggregate multiple RSS feeds to use in a single scenario?

Hi, I’ve got multiple scenarios starting with an RSS trigger when a feed is updated. Given that at least a couple of these scenarios are pretty similar to each other, is it possible to aggregate the corresponding RSS feeds so that I can use just one scenario and not waste operations?
I looked online for some RSS aggregators (like RSS Mixer), but their base plan is pretty weak and they update very slowly, so I hope Make has a better option.

Thank you in advance for your help

Me as well needs such an improvement urgently. Anyone an idea ?

You Can use Google Sheets to store RSS feeds URLs in one column, and use SEARCH ROW in Google Sheets Module to get a list of those URLs


Hey @FranDes @Marcus_Dressler

Have you found your solution yet?
I’m in the same search as you.

Thanks for your feedback!

What about webhooks?

You set up multiple scenarios wich are watching those RSS feeds. When its triggered it send the URL to an webhook. This webhook trigger the one main scenario.


I would say this is probably the most efficient way to handle this. You get your results as quickly as the feed(s) are updated and doesn’t really use more ops than necessary.