Avoid Notion duplicates


I have set up an automation to create a notion item in a database for each event scheduled on my Google Calendar.

I am using the Google Calendar “Search Event”, and the Notion “Create a Notion Database Item” modules.

The issue is, whenever I run the automation it will create new items in Notion even if they already exist from previous runs.

Any idea on how can I add a filter to only create an Item if it does not exist in the Notion Database?

I might have multiple items with the same name, but starting times are never the same.

It sounds like you could add a Notion “Search Objects” module after your Google Calendar trigger. Then, add a filter between the “Search Objects” and “Create a database item” for <page id> does not exist


I also thought about having the “Search Objects” in the middle, I guess I’m on the right direction.
I couldn’t figure out what to configure as the filter
I think that page IDs are unique regardless to the title.

I got the help the support team. Great support experience so far!

Their suggesstion worked perfectly:

I checked the scenario you have and it seems that the Search Objects module of Notion is what you need 

You can set up a condition and check if the Database Item with the Meeting name from the Google Calendar module already exists:

I assume that you can add a filter right after the Search Objects module and proceed only if the Total number of returned bundles is equal to 0 (that means that no Database Items were found) so then you can create a new Database Item

I also added the start date as a filter.


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