BARСODES and IMAGE module doesn't work well together

I use the BARСODES module to create a QR code in PNG format. Next, I need to convert the PNG file to JPG using the IMAGE module. But the PNG file was created with a transparent background instead of white. And the IMAGE module paints a transparent background with black. As a result, I get a completely filled black square instead of the QR code.

Is it possible to make the “white background” option in the BARСODES module or in the IMAGE module?

hmmm yeah i could replicate exactly what you are talking about. I’ll have a think and see if i can find a work around.

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right i have looked at aa few options. this is what i have come up:

  1. Simplest option might be to convert it to a pdf
  2. If you need a jpg output file then you could make a call to the excellent ConvertAPI. They have free accounts that will let you do up to 250 conversions a month
  3. I’m sure you could do something with html/css. That would require a little more thought though.

Someone else on here might have a clever idea.


Thank you!
I also wanted to draw the attention of developers to the illogical interaction of these modules.

Indeed, that’s an unfortunate turn of events. Maybe there are other QR Code generators that create better QR codes where you can change the background colour. I seem to remember a few you can call with an HTTP module to get the QR Code. Can’t remember one, but a google search could help here.

@Michaela what’s the best way to flag this to the dev team? Currently, an otherwise useful module is not able to be used in a number of situations because of what appears to be a small oversight. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to fix? (ha, but of course i recognise the devs have a rather full schedule)

Hello everyone :wave:

You could use CloudConvert to solve this. It’s free and supports dozens of file types.

Heya @IainM Whenever you believe you discovered a tech issue in the product, the best way to let the team know is via a support ticket since that’s how our escalation processes are set up.

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ohh cloud convert is free for up to 25 conversions a day. that’s useful. thanks @Michaela

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Thanks a lot for the additional info @IainM :pray:

I probably never needed more than 25 conversions per day, so I was like ‘yea, it’s totally free’ lol :sweat_smile:

@Michaela @alex.newpath @IainM Of course, there are many services for these tasks. And so I do. But now I drew attention precisely to the illogicality of the internal modules of “MAKE”. This is not a bug, but I wanted to show how these two modules cannot work normally in an elementary situation. :cry:
This feature won’t be voted for by many on “Idea exchange” because it’s such a small thing :smile: But I was hoping that it was important for developers that the core modules interact effectively. Anyway, I’m glad I found it and let you know :+1:

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Heya @EVG (and welcome to the community, by the way :wave: )

I just want to say thanks a lot for pointing this out here. I’ve passed the info on internally and I want to assure you that your feedback is 100% appreciated :pray:

Thanks again!