BARСODES and IMAGE module doesn't work well together

I use the BARСODES module to create a QR code in PNG format. Next, I need to convert the PNG file to JPG using the IMAGE module. But the PNG file was created with a transparent background instead of white. And the IMAGE module paints a transparent background with black. As a result, I get a completely filled black square instead of the QR code.

Is it possible to make the “white background” option in the BARСODES module or in the IMAGE module?

hmmm yeah i could replicate exactly what you are talking about. I’ll have a think and see if i can find a work around.

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right i have looked at aa few options. this is what i have come up:

  1. Simplest option might be to convert it to a pdf
  2. If you need a jpg output file then you could make a call to the excellent ConvertAPI. They have free accounts that will let you do up to 250 conversions a month
  3. I’m sure you could do something with html/css. That would require a little more thought though.

Someone else on here might have a clever idea.


Thank you!
I also wanted to draw the attention of developers to the illogical interaction of these modules.