Batch Invoices in Wild Apricot

Hello! I’m having trouble creating multiple invoices with the same description and amount but different member IDs . I’ve tried adding the ID’s using the ‘and’ function but only the last ID is being used. Thank you for any assistance.

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Hi @MJohnson welcome to the community
Can you please share the snippets. Or any ss having a visual of error

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Not receiving any errors since it is only using the last id in the sequence.

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The “Create Invoice” module needs to run once per Contact ID since it only takes one ContactId at a time.

If you have the contact ids in an array, you can use an array iterator to generate multiple bundles with different ContactIds, which you will map into the ContactId field.



I cannot thank you enough - this worked perfect! I was stressed about having to enter 1,000+ individual invoices. Thank you!

No problem, glad I could help!

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