Best Filehosting solution for getting direct file URLs?

We are looking for a file hosting solution that allows us to generate direct file URLs (e.g.

This is because we need the URLs in order to upload the files to services such as Airtable.

We used Google Drive to do the job but it gets wonky when it comes to PDF, so looking for alternatives.

Any suggestions appreciated!


a very good and easy to use file storage is AWS S3. There is a module in Make that can be used to upload the file and easily access it. Normally, when the S3 bucket is configured correctly, you can access the files through your own domain/url. You need to setup S3 bucket though.

I use Dropbox for my personal projects. I store files there and use the triggers to upload images (and other files) to Shopify or other related services in order to automate image provisioning.


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Hi @boredbuddha

Google drive links can be manipulated to change to direct URLs. I have provided solutions to multiple clients to upload files from drive to Airtabale.

If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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