How to retrieve direct URL from my Server through SFTP?

Hello Guys,
My main goal is to upload a file to Airtable as Attachment.
Airtable attachment field needs Direct download URL.
So I download file from Google drive, and I transfer it to my server through SFTP module.
But in next module there’s Airtable.
I checked SFTP Upload OUTPUTS, there’s no Output from SFTP module.
How can I retrieve direct file URL from SFTP??

Thank you!

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The direct file URL cannot be retrieved via SFTP.

You need to hard-code the “base” URL up to the folder that you are uploading to, and append the file name + extension to build the full absolute URL.


I’ve found the solution to get direct download url, I used 0codekit to create temporary URL then I export it successfully to Airtable attachment field.


Hello there @Neo_Nebuchadnezzar :wave:

Great to hear that you found a way to solve your issues! Thanks a lot for sharing it with us :pray:

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