Bot Question: Missing items in the mapping panel

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Hello lovely community!

So I am trying to map a specific item but I cannot see it displayed in the settings of the module. Is there anything I can do to load the item into the mapping panel?

Thanks a bunch!


  1. If you cant see the item(module) itself, then it means that its connected correctly.
    To be able to map the module, it should be before the input module and on the same route. ()
  2. If you can see the module, but no items there, try to run that module once.
    (Right click, run once).
    The metadata of that module will be loaded and youll be able to map.
    Sometimes just opening the module settings also helps


Thanks so much for stepping in, Stepan! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @stepan,

Please what of if you can only see one of the items and not all. For example, I want to map values of a form submission received via webhook but it only shows the value of the last field in the form instead of all.

I have refreshed, run this module only but its still not working.