Bug editing items in Data Store

I have an annoying bug in several of my data stores, where the wrong column is editable. This happens if I select a data store which has several columns. When I try to edit an item in one of the columns, say column 9, then the UI presents the edit for a previous column, such as column 8. Moreover, some of the columns present collections as “[object Object]” and are uneditable.

I suspect this happens for stores with larger number of columns. I guess I could simply select the column n+1 when I want to edit an item in column n but it worries me that I may screw up my data behind the scenes and it’s too important for that.

Anyone else got that same problem?


Are you drop a video of what your experiencing here? loom.com is a reasonable free service for short screencap + mic. I personally haven’t had an issue with large datastores since v2 (:make: make) but used to have UI issues with large stores on v1 (integromat)

A trick I used to use when the data/operations cost would allow, or the way the data is modified or be accessed wouldn’t increase operational costs by using multiple datastores: would be to treat multiple data stores more like a relational database. with foreign key cells.

:warning: Remember not to reveal sensitive data in a public video in the community.

Contact support | Should also contact support, for something like this. They will have much more knowledge to pull from on this.

@Michaela Looping you in.

Actually, I believe I’ve figured it out. The first key in my data store was called “key” and appears to mess things up. Once I changed it’s name all the problems disappeared. I had to go through 40+ scenarios thereafter and modify any that used that, but at least I can edit everything and don’t have [object Object] in place of the structure editors.

I did contact support but they didn’t appear to understand. I gave them more info but meantime figured this out so all good.


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