Unable to update column (error 200)

I’m trying to make a very generic, update columns with information when item is updated.

If I define the board and column from their respective dropdown menus it works as expected.

If I try to make it more “smart”, and get the column from the trigger item, e.g.

It breaks with the descriptive error of

[200] This column ID doesn't exist for the board [ Error Code: InvalidColumnIdException / Error Details: {"column_id":"null","error_reason":"store.monday.automation.error.missing_column"} ]

I would like to get the boardID from the triggered item as well, so it’s easier to reuse the script. When I do this I lose the column dropdown, so I have to define it some other way.
But I really fail to see the logic why it can’t see the column when it’s all coming from the same item.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Hello @Kega nice to meet you.

I think you should check if you are mapping the right thing. Check the output of “Mappable column values: text” and see if it matches the Column ID.

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Exactly, the column id and the text you mapped from first are different hence the module is returning an error.

You can use the Switch function or Switch module to map the inputs and the predefined Column ID in the output to avoid any mismatch.

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@Manish_GrowwStacks @Wemakefuture , thank you for the replies and interesting.

I ask the trigger to give Record ID as an output, and as this is the only mappable column and the column ID for Record ID in monday is “text” - I thought it was correct.
Also if I change the column Id to just “text” it works.

I will look into the Switch function, haven’t use it before.

My hope is to create a generic scenario, that I can use for multiple boards. I’m just worried with Monday creating column IDs and no way of modifying them, that it’s not possible.

Again thank you so much for the help, much appreciated

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