Bug rss - how to remove tags from summary text?

Hi, sorry but I have another problem, with rss, I reported to Make but even if they said it was fixed, the problem remains. The point is that rss in the summary and content tag, also picks up html tags like, then publishes me the text with those tags as seen in the picture. The scenario starts from rss and should end up on the Facebook page
,However there is the problem of and others, also I had to reduce the length of the summary text, which I then solved, by inserting an array aggregator. But now the problem remains and I want to remove, I tried various solutions, to fail, I’m trying with the filter as in the picture, but it does not work. Given the bug dell rss, I ask if you can help me (not even chat g) thanks knows how to find me solution) Thanks

Not sure what exactly you want, but you can use Text Parser > HTML to Text to remove the HTML tags from the summary.

If that what you want, maybe the best way to do it will be to use stripHTML function.

thanks but where I use it in the filter or directly in the post of the facebook page

I tried inserting it in the text space of the Facebook Page module but it does not work does not delete



{{substring(8.array.summary; 0; 250)}}

In Facebook Body,


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thanks a lot now goes, it’s all day that I tried but I could not, if you don’t mind would you help me with this problem?